If you want to have your Apple Watch repaired or get a new model, you can fall back on a backup of the Apple Watch data. The backup saves you the time to set up the watch according to your wishes and you can quickly access the usual settings again.

If your watch is defective or you have lost the Apple Watch, you do not have to worry about your data. The backup does not have to be created manually, but is created automatically on a regular basis. The data required for recovery is stored on the paired iPhone. At the same time, the data is deleted when it is unpinned from the Apple Watch. Therefore, make sure to only unpair a device when the iPhone is nearby to avoid losing personal data.

There has never been an Apple Watch like this: This smartwatch idea makes us dream.

There has never been an Apple Watch like this: This smartwatch idea makes us dream
Apple Watch: Backup is created automatically
On the one hand, a backup is automatically created at regular intervals when the iPhone and the Apple Watch are in the vicinity, turned on and connected to the same WLAN. A backup is also created when the watch is disconnected from the iPhone. Be careful not to reset or reinstall the iPhone during this time, otherwise the backup may be lost.

Restore Apple Watch from backup: Here’s how
Here’s how to restore a backup of the Apple Watch:

  • Turn on the watch.
  • Pair the watch and iPhone by holding both devices together or selecting the “Start Pairing” command on the Apple Watch.
  • You must not set up the Apple Watch as a new device, but choose the “Restore from backup” option.
  • Hold the iPhone camera on the Apple Watch display.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID.
  • The Apple Watch will now be reset to the last known state via the iPhone.

That’s how beautiful the new Apple Watch (Series 4) is:

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Apple Watch Series 4: Overview
Before the restore, the Apple Watch must not yet be connected to an iPhone. If you back up the iPhone data via iTunes or via iCloud, the Apple Watch information will also be backed up this way.

The following Apple Watch data will be stored on the iPhone:

  • Language setting
  • Settings for the apps “Mail”, “Calendar”, “Stocks” and “Weather”.
  • Data and settings for third-party apps
  • App arrangement on the home screen
  • Watch settings, for example the watch face
  • Dock settings
  • System settings, such as brightness or sound
  • Health data
  • Music settings

The following data cannot be restored via the backup:

  • Connections with Bluetooth devices
  • Payment data for Apple Pay
  • Code data